Tomato Medley 2019

3D Seek and Find Installation

Silicone, Wood, Mixed Media

Special thanks to Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Exhibition Team for all the help with wall structure, wheel structure, graphic printing, and final installation
Shown at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Hidden Picture + Tomato  

Tomato Medley is a teeming tomato sculpture installation that makes the viewer’s eyes wander around various tomatoes with unique characters.

Observing and discovering moments, such as watching constellation in the sky or looking for a four-leaf clover in the garden, bring delightfulness to our lives. Tomato Medley encourages viewers to pay attention to things around them in daily life, which might bring unexpected happiness. 

Can you find a Cheese Tomato?

1. Tomatoes!

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh had a small garden next to the main museum, which had cherry tomatoes along the fence. Throughout the summer residency, I was able to observe the growth of the plants. I was intrigued by the organic forms and colors of tomatoes, and it led me to think those qualities as different personalities.

2. Sketches and Graphics
Sketches started from playing with the form of the tomatos (fusing, reforming, duplicating).   

3. CNC Milling and Mold Making

4. Casting Process

5. Closeup shots


Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

© Eunice Choi