Eunice Choi (Yoonsun Choi)


Eunice Choi is an artist and designer, who works with sculpture and installation. Choi focuses on observing the mundane experience, thoughts, emotions, and self reflective questions, and creates a space that could revisit those.  

In her practice, she uses objects and metaphors as an instrument to understand the emotions that are in-between and unresolved questions that cannot be defined with one definition. Often, she uses soft or malleable materials (wood, silicone, resin, metal, foam, clay) that could express the physical responses to emotions through the material’s traits, such as density, opacity, weight, temperature, texture, flexibility, etc. Digital fabrication and mold making/casting are frequently used in her process, as it allows to reshape the materials while preserving their characteristics.

Choi’s work has been shown in the United States, South Korea, and Italy, including Salone del Mobile Milano, New York Design Week, and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Choi holds a BFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a MFA from UCLA Design Media Arts, and she is currently based in Los Angeles, and enjoying the warm weather.  

Instagram @eunice_unice_choi,