Squishy Project


Silicone, servo motors,
Water Pump, Arduino, Resin
Squishy Project is a collection of objects made with semi-transparent silicone and pigments.

Sea animals, such as sea slugs or sea anemones, show bright colors and sudden movements to repel predators while having flexibility and translucency to blend into the environment.

Inspired by the resilience of the body and the behavior of sea animals, Squishy Project suggests tactile and visual interactions that abstract the relationship between the being and the surrounding.

SAIC Whatnot Collection

2018 SAIC BFA Thesis Show

Photo Credit: Ji Yang
Model: Lucio Francisco-Schwartz, Joaquin Francisco-Schwartz

2018 Salone del Mobile Milano, Rossana Orlandi Gallery, SAIC WhatNot

2018 Orticolario, The Cosmic Garden

Model: Eliot Gleich, Mia Gleich