Squishy Project

Checkout Line Ecology / Squishy Squashy Wonderland


Material Experiment /
Interactive Installation

Part of the SAIC Whatnot Collection

Silicone, Mixed media
(Motor, Water Pump, Arduino, Wood Resin)

Shown at
Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Salone del Mobile Milano 2018


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What do you call the plastic bar used in grocery checkout lines? A plastic bar? A thingy in the checkout line? A divider? A cuboid? This ubiquitous neutral plastic bar doesn't have a fixed name but creates firm divisions and respected boundaries–it functions as an indicator of personal space within a public context.

Inspired by deep sea animals’ aposematic features which work to simultaneously warn and repel predators, Checkout Line Ecology is a collection of objects that reimagine the grocery checkout line as a uniquely dynamic habitat. Incorporating cast glass and silicone, Checkout Line Ecology combines bright colors and irregular movement to reimagine the checkout environment.

Final documentation

Color / form sketchings inspired by deep sea animals’ bright colors and movement that shows its poisonous feature.

Beginning of silicone experiement: Testing different density, combination of color with different method.

First draft illustration

3D modeled one part mold
(Modeled in Rhino)

3D modeled two part mold

Resin printed molds 
(printed with Form 2 SLA printer)

prototyping the divider with various material / laying out glass frits 

Second iteration process 

Interaction test video


Different methods of installing: 
With / without water, various display case, amount of interactiveness

BFA Thesis Show


Salone del Mobile 2018

159 Sangamon

Photo Credit: Ji Yang, Liam Wilson, Amber Cao

Lucio Francisco-Schwartz, Joaquin Francisco-Schwartz , Eliot Gleich, Mia Gleich 

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