Squishy Project

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Material Experiment /
Interactive Installation

Part of the SAIC Whatnot Collection

Silicone, Mixed media
(Motor, Water Pump, Arduino, Wood Resin)

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<Squishy Project> is a collection of objects made with semi-transparent silicone and pigments.
Sea animals, such as sea slugs or sea anemones, show bright colors and sudden movements to repel predators while having flexibility and translucency to blend into the environment.
Inspired by the resilience of the body and the behavior of sea animals, <Squishy Project> suggests tactile and visual interactions that abstract the relationship between the being and the surrounding.

1. Idea Sketches
Color/form sketches inspired by deep-sea animals such as sea anemone and sea slug.

2. First Draft Illustration

3. Material Testing 

Testing different density, pattern, combination of color with different method.

4. Modeling and Printing the Mold

3D modeled one part mold
(Modeled in Rhino)

3D modeled two part mold

Resin printed molds
(printed with Form 2 SLA printer)

5. Second iteration process 

6. Testing Interaction


7. Final Installation Interaction 

Interaction test video


Different methods of installing:
Various display case with water, without water, and managing the amount of interaction

BFA Thesis Show


Salone del Mobile 2018

159 Sangamon

Photo Credit: Ji Yang, Liam Wilson, Amber Cao

Lucio Francisco-Schwartz, Joaquin Francisco-Schwartz , Eliot Gleich, Mia Gleich 

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