Sensory Course Menu Project 2015-current
Sensory project / Interactive sculpture

Sensory Course Menu Project is about making an interactive course menu that requires audiences to experience the sensations of ‘eating’ without using edible components.

Each interactive sculptures represent specific quality of Appetizer, Main dish, Dessert, and Drink. By touch, sound, vision, and smell, each course creates an experience and a sensation that happens during 'eating' without tasting.

Sensory Table 2015

Sensory Table  - Course menu without ‘taste’.

Sensory Table is the first full course menu which is performed in May 7th, 2015.

It starts with an appetizer Jingle!, which is a smell appetizer that audiences can “taste” small jingle sound and smell of a herb. 

Quartet, is a main dish that serves series of jellies in different densities and colors, which suggests a gesture of cutting meat or fish in different doneness.

Dessert Light lollipop is made with sugar, and cast colorful lights like a stained glass (it is ‘light’ calorie as it is a visual dessert).

To drink, one need to dip a seasonal flower in a water and kiss.


Smell Appetizer

Cutting Main dish

Light Desert

Kissing Drink


Main Dish: Spring 2017

Second iteration of Sensory Course Menu

Inspired by the satisfying sensation of a wood handrail, I imagined a maindish that gives fullfilllig satisfaction by touch.

By using Rhino I’ve sketched various forms that have organic surfaces. 

After multiple fast prototyping with pink foam, I milled pine wood, sanded, and finished with woodfinishing.

Prototyping with different forms and material

(Modeled in Rhino, CNC milling to create 3D model with pink foam, Vacuum formed mold for plaster casting & sanded pink foam)

Final form milling and sanding
(Material: pine wood)

Final documentation after wood finishing

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