Mold Making / Casting

Silicone / Foam / Resin
Glass / Metal

1. Aqua Resin Casting

2. Food-Safe Silicone mold making

CNC milled positive and made a silicone mold.
Used food safe silicone for casting sugar.

3.  Resin, Rubber, Silicone, Plaster testing

Different meterial casting to compare (Rubber/Clear Resin/Silicone/Plaster)

4. Sugar glass and Glass testing 

5. Custom Foam packaging

Group project for creating a SAIC Whatnot Collection 2018 packaging.
Custom shaped foam packaging was made for each pieces within a limited time.
Around 380 foam eggs were casted!

Packaging Team Members: Eunice Choi/Dingyue Cao/Sun Kawazoe/Zoe Liao/
Yejin Kim/Sepide Ghanadian Ladani/Teagan Chatterley/Kyuho Kim/Min Jee

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