Interrogational Cookie: Mauerhase


Printing Block, Ink, Paper bag

Flour, Sugar, Vanilla sugar, Butter, Baking powder, Chocolate, Sugar powder, Egg

During research in Berlin residency program, I found that rabbits were living in between the Berlin walls during the Cold War. They become a problem after they start to dig holes that connect east and west Berlin. How they were contained in between walls, and not allow to create a bridge, is similar to censorship. I also found that some children's picture books managed to passed censorship because of its medium and expected ages of the viewer.

So I used Berlin wall rabbit as a reference for the form of cookies, embedded text with chocolate, and covered with icing. If the icing is scraped, texts become visible.

Texts were composed with censored artist names, radio, online serach words.

Performed in NYU Berlin St. Agnes Summer Residency Program