Fortune Project 2016-17

Fortune Project started from my interest in how people believe in things and World’s affection towards D.I.Y.(Do It Yourself). Customizable options for sandwiches, to-go options, and self-checkout section in stores, shows the desire for customizing. Experiencing those systems lead me to imagine the service/product that can change one’s own palm line, which is believed to be a representation of one’s life and fortune.

Fortune Cream Online Store 2016

In progress Hoax Website : Fortune Cream 

Fortune Cream (2016) is a fictional online shop that sells a fortune changeable cream. This hoax website about the Fortune Cream creates a fictional environment where customers can order a customized cream. Customers can apply on their palm to transform current palm line to a desired palm lines.

Modeled in Rhino, rendered in Keyshot

Fortune Cart Pop-up Store

Fortune Cart (2017) is a performative mobile sculpture that sells fortune. Customers can decide their fortunes as they wish to change their ‘future’. If customers want personalized semi-permanent fortune, they can request a special order through an email. Fortune Cart opened in Feb, 20th, 2017.


Thank you for visiting Fortune cart!
Customize your fortune and future in Fortune cart.

*Fortune for Spring 2017*
Lover, Hug, Secret, Music, Youth, Tear, Caution, Hotness, Sweetness

Make an reservation today for special order. 


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