Confidence Shoes Prototype 2017

Interactive Fashion / Creative Coding

Custom code, Arduino, Magnet Sensor, Distance Sensor, Speaker,
3D printed structure

Envisioning a shoe that can change the gesture and self confidence.

Confidence Shoe project was inspired by noticing how my attitude changes when I listen to the dance beat. Compared to the walk without any music, I was walking more confidently with some rhythm.
So I prototyped a pair of platform heel that has a system that plays a beat while you are walking to encourage confident body language.

Q. Can your shoes make you feel better?

1. 3D Modeling and 3D printing 

To boost the cofnfidence, I’ve created 7” platform heel by 3D printing. Sensors and speakers were embbeded on the right shoe.

2. 3D Modeling and 3D printing 

Enclosing the circuit inside the heel.

3. Coding and Troubleshooting

For this prototype, I’ve imagined 3 stages: Pause, Walk,and Stop. 

Trouble shooting the custom code with sensors

4. Final Performance

As a performer, I wore the Cofidence Shoes at the Creative Coding Exhibition Opening. 

© Eunice Choi