Eunice Choi (Yoonsun Choi)

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Eunice Choi creates interactive installations and performative objects as an instrument to understand the experience, condition, and matter that we take for granted in our daily lives. Observations of the ordinaries reveal the overlap between the things, and those connections bring subconscious curiosity or questions to the surface. In Choi’s works, an object becomes an agent to study and simulate those questions from a distance.

Choi believes playfulness could loosen the established rigidness. Choi’s interactive sculptures often have an intuitive call for play and are activated by audiences’ bodies, such as hands, ears, and tongues. Through sensory interaction, audiences build their relationship and trust with the objects. Choi utilizes digital fabrication and mold making/casting to achieve an alternative visual expression of materials, and her interests in Children’s picture books or automata are shown as whimsical narratives and kinetic movements in her past projects. Choi’s work aims to be a tender-hearted and honest encounter to the audience, but sometimes it has its quirky gesture that adds humor or surprise.

Currently, she is drawn to the state and plasticity of the matter, which led to the exploration of materials, modalities, and synonyms. Our emotions, thoughts, and responses change through the interaction with self, others, and surroundings. Like a fluid, we are in constant alteration. Sometimes those qualities are considered unstable or fragile, but that flexibility also stands for resilience. To establish the language for these conditions, Choi pays attention to the transition from one to the other, especially in the leakage, leeway, and trace that occurs during the process, rather than perfect execution or metamorphosis.


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