Automata Project 2016-2018

Prototyping / Narrative

Automata Project: The Rock and The Kite 2016

Sketching, 3D modeling, Wood working

Can each scene of the story become a sculpture and activate the process of reading?

Based on the picture book I made, I created automaton that shows the individual scene of the story. 

By turning on the switch or manually turning the crank system, you can start ‘reading’ the story.

1. The Rock and the Red Kite
The Rock and the Red Kite project started from a story I have created about the Rock and the kiteThe story is about Rock’s journey to find the kite. The Rock’s longing for the kite makes it overcome struggles.

2. Sketches

Rough sketches for mechanism and movement

3. 3D sketching with Rhino

Rhino Sketching before fabricating the crank system and the exterior structure.

4. Prototype for Scene #1 

Prototype of the scene where the kite meets the rock for the first time.

5. Fabricating Process

Fabricating the metal pulley and a wooden box.

6. Final Documentation

The Rock Passed The Flower is the scene where rock passes the flower gently so that it doesn’t get hurt.
The viewer can ‘read’ the scene by turning the hand crank.
Instead of turning pages to read one scene, turning the hand crank and observing the movement becomes the process of ‘reading.’

Documentation for reading the scene where the rock passes the flower.

Automata Project 2: Excuse me 2018

Wood working, Silicone Casting

“Excuse me” is a coughing automaton. Inspired by the feeling of strangers coughing at my face, “Excuse me” extracts the sensation of the unpleasant ‘puff’.

Automaton makes it possible to concentrate on the sensation of the air, which is often overlooked due to its transparency and intangibleness.

1. Process:
It is prototyped with MDF and silicone to test mechanism, scale, and aesthetic. 

2. Final Documentation

© Eunice Choi