Automata Project 2016-2018

Prototyping / Narrative

Automata Project: The Rock and The Kite 2016

Sketching, 3D modeling, Wood working

Can each scene of the storty become a sculpture and activate the reading?

Based on the picture book I made, I created automaton that shows the individual scene of the story.

By turning on the switch or manualy turning the crank system, you can read the story.  

The Rock and the Red Kite is a story about the rock missing the kite start to move oneself to find the kite.

Left: The scene where the rock meets the kite for the first time
Right: The scene where the rock passes the flower

Documentation for reading the scene where the rock passes the flower.

Rough sketches for creating a movement

Rhino Sketching before fabricating the crank system
and the exterior structure.

Prototype of the scene
where the kite meets the rock for the first time.

Fabricating the matal pulley and wooden box.

Automata Project 2: Excuse me
“Excuse me" is a coughing automaton. Inspired by the feeling of strangers coughing at my face, "Excuse me" extracts the sensation of the 'puff'.

Automaton makes it possible to concentrate the sensation of the air which is often overlooked due to its transparency and intangibleness.

Prototyping and process

© Eunice Choi