Mycelium Printer  2015

Collaboration with Stephanie Kim

Shapeoko, Mycelium, Extruding System

Imagining a printer
with a biodegradable material 

Started from the question of whether we can draw with mushroom and grow the painting, Stephanie Kim and I collaborated to create a mycelium printer.

During this experiment we created paste with the mycelium and tested different methods of extruding the paste:

We 3d printed open sourse syringe compressor in Thigiverse, but it didn’t have enough strength to extract the paste as the paste was denser than we imagined. 

Process of growing mycelium out of Rye Berries

Photo Credit: Stephanie Kim

Left: 3d printing open sourse syringe compressor using creator pro flashforge

Right: Syringe with the extruder

As syringe needed more strength, we manually extracted paste.
But we maintained syringe and hose to control the amount of paste 


© Eunice Choi